Adrian Seetho



I truly do what I love - telling simple and honest stories; and doing it in a way that has been molded by my life experiences; for that I am forever grateful. 

I believe a wedding is the day where you collect those closest and dearest to celebrate the story of you and your partner. You honour your past, relive the journey that brought you together, reminisce over the struggles and victories experienced, and look forward to the future. It’s an ode to each of you as individuals and as a couple.

As a storyteller, I hope my pictures allow you to re-experience the day through a different perspective. That one picture may remind you of the nervous jitter as you walk down the aisle, another of your dad’s love as he silently wipes the tears of his face, or that quiet moment as you embrace to take it all in. I will tell the story of your day through the grand events and the subtle moments. 

Some 20 years later, as you cuddle up with your kids on the couch, looking through these pictures, I hope it will welcome a whirlwind of emotions. They will be mesmerised by how suave and revishing their grandparents once looked, be curious about the story behind the beautiful laughter of their great grandmother, and laugh at how their parents were once like them - fun, young and in love. 

Some people don’t live on to tell their own tales, but I hope their photos will help to leave some clues. 
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